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Why are we creating a Filr Advanced Edition?

As part of the Filr product roadmap, we understand that not all customers need or use every Filr feature. And keeping with our philosophy of constantly helping lower TCO, we’re providing two options so that you can pick what meets your business needs. Filr Advanced Edition is the first step in that direction.

Is my current Filr product now the Standard Edition?

Yes, your current version of Filr is now renamed Filr Standard Edition.

Briefly, what is the current difference between Advanced and Standard? What about in the long term?

Filr Advanced Edition comes with additional features and a different price point. In the future, we plan to add additional value to both Filr Advanced and Filr Standard editions. We also plan to ship new capabilities via the "Online Update" process we have added in Filr 3.0, and you will start receiving the new features quicker. See product comparison chart on the Filr product site.

I’m a current Filr customer with maintenance. Can I upgrade to Filr Advanced Edition? How much is it? And do I need to buy new maintenance?

Yes, the Filr Advanced Edition license and maintenance is approximately 20% more than the Filr Standard Edition.

Will you be offering a promotion for all current Filr (Standard Edition) customers? What are the details?

Yes, we are offering a free upgrade to Filr Advanced for six months—until April 2017. All you need to do is purchase the new maintenance for Filr Advanced. The Licenses are free of charge.

I’m an OES customer with Maintenance—entitled to Filr Standard—can I upgrade to the Advanced Edition? Can I also sign up for the promotion?

Yes, you can upgrade to Filr Advanced. We are offering a free upgrade to Filr Advanced for six months—until April 2017. Please note that you will need to pay for maintenance for the Filr Advanced Edition, but there is no cost for the license.

Who should I contact for more details? And how do I sign up for the promotion?

Please contact your local Micro Focus representative. Or click on “How to Buy” button (top right hand side), and a representative will be in touch.