Protect Your GroupWise Data in the Cloud

A complete cloud option for backup, disaster recovery and failover of your GroupWise email system.

Protect your organization’s GroupWise email system, deliver quick message restore, as well as hot backups of post offices and domains all with the power of GroupWise® Cloud Disaster Recovery (formerly Reload Cloud). Up-to-date backups are stored in secure cloud data centers, and can provide full failover email capabilities to your company in the case of a disaster or outage. This ensures that your critical GroupWise data is always current and available.

Designed for GroupWise

GWAVA Cloud Message Continuity is built and designed for GroupWise to ensure complete backups of your GroupWise email system.

Risk management

Get built-in fail-safe redundancy, monitored recovery testing, and policy management to give you peace of mind that your disaster recovery is always working.

Choose how your data is stored

GroupWise Cloud Disaster Recovery enables data to be stored on-prem, off-site, in the cloud, or as a hybrid archive (on-prem/off-site plus cloud backup).

The need for speed

The rapid backup capabilities of GroupWise Cloud Disaster Recovery enable you to access and perform intra-day backups of post offices and up to 10 simultaneous backups. With its unique design, approximately 12 percent of the total size of the post office is stored on disk each day—even if you are doing multiple daily backups. This results in significantly faster backups to GWAVA’s cloud, or your own sister site. For example, a customer with a 250GB post office replicates to the GWAVA Cloud in just eight minutes a night.

Push-button recovery

GroupWise Cloud Disaster Recovery provides one-click GroupWise disaster recovery with real-time backup of the GroupWise system. This solution provides immediate recovery and full restoration of all or part of your mail system—a domain, a mailbox, or a single email.

End-user data recovery

End-users can easily retrieve email messages, calendar items, or attachments that have been deleted from GroupWise without any assistance from IT.

System reports and real-time notification

View useful statistical information such as backup runtime and backup completion time via single consolidated daily reports. In addition, GroupWise Cloud Disaster Recovery can send email notifications to multiple recipients to alert administrators when preconfigured thresholds have been exceeded. Stay up-to-date on the status of your GroupWise and backup system with real-time notifications.

Cloud access and recovery support

Minimize the risk of data loss due to on-premise server failures. GroupWise Cloud Disaster Recovery provides 24/7 access and recovery anywhere in the world.

Super lightweight

There’s no software to install on your GroupWise servers because all software is installed in the Cloud.

QuickFinder Resolution Agent (QRA)

GroupWise Cloud Disaster Recovery solves your GroupWise rebuild issues. It can take days for GroupWise to fully restore the end user index and find capabilities after a database rebuild. The GroupWise Cloud Disaster Recovery QRA restores end user search abilities in a matter of minutes.

"GroupWise Disaster Recovery has cut our backup times by 80-90%. I no longer have to cringe when users call to have messages or address books restored. It’s now a few clicks and done, instead of never having enough disk space to restore our entire post office. GroupWise Disaster Recovery is like an insurance policy for your GroupWise system."
Joe Laskowski   /   Network and Information Systems Manager,  Penn State University