Immediate failover

If your GroupWise® system goes down, in case of hardware failure, natural disaster, or other reasons, GroupWise Disaster Recovery can serve as a GroupWise system. This ensures that your organization will still be able to send and receive email, make appointments, etc., even if your GroupWise system is down. With hot backups, GroupWise Disaster Recovery will have the latest data from your live GroupWise system. Once GroupWise is back up and running, GroupWise Disaster Recovery can restore any lost information or information that was created while the system was down.

Storage on-premise, off-site, or in the cloud

Choose how your data is stored. Data can be securely stored on-prem behind your organizational firewall, offsite, in the GWAVA cloud, or as a hybrid of on-prem, offsite, and cloud.

Rapid backup capabilities

Simply put, it’s fast. The rapid backup capabilities of GroupWise Disaster Recovery enable you to perform intra-day backups of post offices and perform up to 10 simultaneous backups. With its unique design, approximately 12% of the total post office size is stored on disk each day—even if you’re doing multiple daily backups.

Specifically for GroupWise

GroupWise Disaster Recovery is built and designed specifically for GroupWise, which provides perfect backups of your GroupWise system. Backups made by GroupWise Disaster Recovery use SmartPurge technology to ensure complete backups. Additionally, no email message is purged until it is backed up by the server, which provides you continuous access to all your information.

Enhanced architecture

GroupWise Disaster Recovery enables you to create faster backups, backup redundancy, eliminate the need for an on-prem server, and use less disk space and processing power with its new, enhanced architecture. The solution can install a Collector on your Linux server that houses the GroupWise Post Office or Domain. This Collector then gathers the contents of a GroupWise post office OFUSER and OFSMG directory into a staging area on the local GroupWise server. The Collector uses RSYNC technology to replicate the contents of the post office to the Disaster Recovery server.

End-user self-service

The “Auto-Reload” feature enables users to easily retrieve email messages, calendar items, or attachments that have been accidentally deleted from GroupWise without any assistance from IT.

Reduced storage costs

GroupWise Disaster Recovery features single instance storage which stores only one copy of an email or attachment, keeping storage costs low.

Easily migrate your entire post office

GroupWise Disaster Recovery includes easy-to-use tools that help migrate your email data back to a production server. It can also help you migrate a post office or domain from one platform to another, such as migrating from NetWare® to Linux.

Web-based administration

The web interface provides a central point for all administration tasks such as monitoring system health, checking available disk space, and managing backup profiles. Common administration tasks are prominent and easy-to-use within the web interface.

Manage profiles with ease

GroupWise Disaster Recovery enables you to make changes globally across all of your backup profiles directly from the main administration interface—and you can have linked profiles.

Optimized for a tablet-friendly interface

The GroupWise Disaster Recovery interface is optimized for easy viewing and performing of all processes from your favorite mobile devices.

Detailed reports and notifications

View valuable statistical information, including backup runtime and backup completion time, with consolidated daily reports. Along with daily reports, GroupWise Disaster Recovery can send email notifications to multiple recipients to alert administrators when pre-configured thresholds have been exceeded.

Quickly restore end-user abilities

GroupWise Disaster features the QuickFinder Resolution Agent, which enables you to restore end-user search abilities in just a matter of minutes. This solution solves your GroupWise rebuild issues as it can take days for GroupWise to fully restore end-user index and search capabilities after a database rebuild.

On-demand post office backup deletion

In GroupWise Disaster Recovery, you can choose a specific post office backup to delete, and the solution will delete it immediately. This is particularly helpful when a GroupWise Disaster Recovery server is just over its disk space error threshold and backups have stopped because of disk space overage. Choosing the oldest backup or an intra-day backup helps to resolve the issue immediately.


With GroupWise Disaster Recovery, there is no software to install on your GroupWise servers—the software is installed with the GroupWise Disaster Recovery package on the GroupWise Disaster Recovery server.

Seamless multi-system integration

GroupWise Disaster Recovery backs up GroupWise post offices regardless of the platform used. This includes Linux, NetWare, and Windows.

"GroupWise Disaster Recovery has cut our backup times by 80-90%. I no longer have to cringe when users call to have messages or address books restored. It’s now a few clicks and done, instead of never having enough disk space to restore our entire post office. GroupWise Disaster Recovery is like an insurance policy for your GroupWise system."
Joe Laskowski   /   Network & Information Systems Manager,  Penn State University