Coexistence Solution for Exchange

The GroupWise Coexistence Solution for Microsoft Exchange supports customers who need to run both GroupWise and Exchange simultaneously in their environments. This can happen as the result of a merger, acquisition, highly distributed infrastructure, or even pockets of end users accustomed to a different email client than the rest of the organization. With the GroupWise Coexistence Solution for Exchange, these organizations can avoid a costly migration scenario and simply run both systems in parallel. Going well beyond the existing ability to exchange email and appointments, the GroupWise Coexistence Solution for Exchange supports address book synchronization and free/busy searching between the two systems.

To take advantage of GroupWise Coexistence for Exchange, customers must be current on GroupWise maintenance and purchase an annual subscription.

The MSRP of this subscription is US$17 per user per year (or approximately 10% of the standard GroupWise user license). Customers must purchase subscriptions for the number of GroupWise or the number of Exchange users to be synchronized, whichever is smaller. Examples:

  • 2000 GroupWise users synchronizing to 200 Exchange users = 200 subscriptions
  • 2000 Exchange users synchronizing with 200 GroupWise users = 200 subscriptions
  • 20,000 GroupWise users synchronizing with 15,000 Exchange users = 15,000 subscriptions

Customers receive support and updates on their GroupWise Coexistence for Exchange subscription as long as their underlying GroupWise licenses are maintained.

The GroupWise Coexistence Solution for Exchange requires GroupWise 2012 SP2 or higher and Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2013 with the latest support packs. There is no supported coexistence solution for GroupWise 8 or other versions of GroupWise or Exchange.