Wander While You Work

It’s no surprise that employees want their email on their mobile devices. If you’re an executive, you say, why not? It makes those workers more productive; let them wander.

GroupWise enables this more effectively than ever, with more comprehensive and scalable device support—and the readiness to scan mobile content for viruses and spam. It also features an improved user interface that will help users work faster and more effectively.

GroupWise also offers productivity boosters for the IT department. GroupWise administration has always been significantly easier than competitors’ solutions, allowing single admins to manage email for thousands of users. Now it comes with a new, web-based administration console that makes management tasks even easier. This console is much sleeker and easier to use, with new features like a system overview page, advanced querying and reporting, and a new global search function that makes finding users, domains or applets a breeze. IT admins can also access this console anywhere they have a browser, meaning they too can work while on the go.

By giving end users comprehensive tools in the office or on the go—and by untethering IT from the data center—GroupWise promises to enhance productivity across the organization.