What You Need Now

Email may be a classic tool, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be up-to-date as well. GroupWise 2014 provides end users with a fresh, clean look and feel. It includes a dynamic new user interface that responds to situational needs, as well as fonts, colors and other design elements that eliminate visual clutter and heighten focus on the work. GroupWise 2014 is an efficient and comfortable place for users who spend so much time working in email.

It also runs on the latest hardware, browsers, and back-end operating systems, so it fits right into the modern data center and makes life easier for IT. And it supports the desktop clients and endpoint devices users want today, while offering the flexibility to keep pace with those needs in the future.

Finally, in this modern era of data protection controls and regulatory oversight, GroupWise offers something many email packages can’t: a secure, reliable and cost-effective solution that keeps your data on-premises and firmly within IT’s control.