Airlines exist in an intensely competitive market. Staying ahead of the pack requires maintaining uninterrupted connections to reservation systems, shared printers, and other complex data systems. Behind the scenes, InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines (formerly Attachmate® InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines) products make the critical connections your employees and customers count on.

InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines Data Sheet
Data Sheet InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines Data Sheet
InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines PTR Data Sheet
Data Sheet InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines PTR Data Sheet
  • Make travel connections. Connect to travel information on Global Distribution Systems such as Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo, HP Shares, Sabre, and Worldspan.
  • Make host connections. Connect to Unisys, IBM (ALCS/TPF and 3270/5250), UNIX/VMS, and HP hosts.
  • Integrate the host and IAM. Easily extend IAM security benefits to host systems.
  • Encrypt data in motion. Protect data with the latest SSL/TLS, SSH, FTP, and Kerberos technologies.
  • Streamline Terminal ID Management. Centrally allocate Terminal IDs on-demand.
  • Use common technology. Work with certified CUTE vendors—including ARINC, RESA, SITA, and ULTRA.
Make the right connections

Connect your users to travel system information on a variety of hosts—from TPF, ALCS, IBM, Unisys, UNIX/VMS, and HP to Global Distribution Systems such as Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo, HP Shares, Sabre, and Worldspan. InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines delivers secure, persistent, reliable connections through a single integrated application.

Watch productivity rise

Take advantage of Microsoft Office productivity features and numerous customization tools to help users get more done, with fewer mistakes.

Ensure the highest level of security

Sleep well at night knowing that your emulation solution provides military-strength security at every level. From FIPS 140-2 validation, TLS 1.2 encryption, and SHA-256/RSA-2048 digital signatures to PCI DSS compliance, DoD PKI certification, data masking, and patented Secure Token Authorization, InfoConnect Desktop has you covered.

Team up with Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS)
Integrate the host and IAM

Streamline and secure your host-access operation by teaming Reflection®, Rumba+®, or InfoConnect emulators with MSS. Working with your Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, MSS seamlessly propagates changes to application settings and user-specific content—right here, right now, from a central server. Next time users launch a session, they’ll receive the changes.

Take centralized control

Manage host-access operations from your central MSS console. Lock down 100s (or 1000s) of far-flung desktops with ease. Grant or deny access based on group or role. Apply changes quickly to align with business needs. Make post-install adjustments on the fly. Do it on your schedule, not someone else’s.

Reinforce security as you remove passwords

Finally, you can bring your host into the IAM fold. That means you can replace weak, eight-character passwords with strong, complex ones. Implement best-fit multifactor authentication methods. Say goodbye to host passwords and automatically sign users on to their mainframe applications. It’s safe, manageable, and economical with MSS.

InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines

A comprehensive airlines-specific package of Windows-based terminal emulation, print delivery, and software development tools. These tools connect users to computer reservation systems as well as to TPF, Unisys, UNIX/VMS, IBM, and HP hosts.

InfoConnect Desktop for Airlines PTR

Flexible print delivery software that complements InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines with support for shared printers and host devices as well as for intelligent card readers, specialized ticket printers, and point-of-sale terminals.

InfoConnect Airlines Gateway NG

A TCP/IP-based gateway that connects IBM-compatible PCs, LANs, WANs, or intranets to multiple TPF/ALCS and Unisys systems—including Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo, HP Shares, Sabre, and Worldspan—via a single connection.

Server software that works with your Security (IAM) system to centrally manage and secure Reflection, Rumba®+, and InfoConnect terminal emulation sessions.

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