Micro Focus iPrint Desktop

Simplified enterprise printing

Micro Focus iPrint connects all your organization's workstations to your current printers. It allows IT to set up a self-service printing environment in which employees can print on demand instead of calling IT with print-provisioning needs. Micro Focus iPrint works with your current users in Active Directory or Micro Focus eDirectory to provide authentication. Users on Windows, Mac, and Linux can send print jobs through Micro Focus iPrint to both new and legacy printers from all the major print vendors, without worrying about print drivers.

Micro Focus iPrint scales exceptionally well, reducing the server infrastructure you need to maintain hundreds or thousands of printers and thus lowering your network bandwidth costs.

Self-service printing

Using a web browser, employees working at desktops or laptops can choose printers on a map. The map shows the location and details of every printer in the company (both local and global). Users can begin printing with just a few mouse clicks—no training required.

Branch office printing

Micro Focus iPrint offers an elegant solution for smaller sites or branch-office locations where you do not want to manage a server on site. With Micro Focus iPrint you never have to make a trip to a branch office to manage printing because you can control print configurations from a single centralized console. You also do not have to send print traffic over a wide-area network (WAN).

Micro Focus iPrint routes branch-office print traffic directly from workstations to printers, using the WAN only for configuration information. Branch office employees can self-provision their printers from a browser-based corporate website.

Works with expanding organizations

Acquisitions and mergers can leave IT with the responsibility for very mixed environments. Micro Focus iPrint works with printers from all the major hardware vendors, eliminating the need for you to purchase new printers.

Micro Focus iPrint also scales well, giving IT a central and easy-to-manage printing solution. Together with the decrease in helpdesk calls that comes from self-service printing, this means Micro Focus iPrint can significantly reduce the hours needed to manage your print solution.

Works in a heterogeneous environment

Micro Focus iPrint can save IT time and money by significantly reducing the management burden required for mixed fleets of Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops. IT can manage printing from Windows, Mac, or Linux workstations from a single place.

Leverage your current directory service

Micro Focus iPrint makes secure printing easy by integrating its data store with your identity directory. By working with lightweight directory-access protocol (LDAP) sources like Active Directory and Micro Focus eDirectory, Micro Focus iPrint can authenticate your users to increase your print security.