Simplify Enterprise Printing

Stay Connected to Printers Through Any Device

Micro Focus iPrint is a software appliance that connects all your organization's workstations and mobile devices to your current printers.

It enables IT to set up a self-service printing environment where employees can print on-demand instead of calling IT with print-provisioning needs. Micro Focus iPrint works with your current users in Active Directory or NetIQ® eDirectory™ to provide authentication. Users on Windows, Mac, Linux, and most mobile device platforms can send print jobs through Micro Focus iPrint to both new and legacy printers from all major print vendors without worrying about print drivers.

Micro Focus iPrint scales exceptionally well, reducing the server infrastructure you need to maintain hundreds or thousands of printers and thus lowering your network bandwidth costs.

Give your old printers new life by allowing your users to print to them—from wherever your users roam.