Your business moves, and you can move with it. Micro Focus® Mobile Management (formerly Novell Mobile Management) offers secure, scalable management for your mobile devices and all the apps and assets that come with them.

  • You’re covered: Mobile Management supports a broad range of platforms.
  • Manage assets: Verify, add, or renew licenses for your apps.
  • Stay safe: Ensure that your mobile devices adhere to security policies.
Manage enterprise-owned and personal (BYOD) devices

Do you have a mix of enterprise-owned and personally-owned (BYOD) devices in your organization? Don't worry—with ZENworks® you can effectively manage both.

Protect your business with mobile device security

Make sure your mobile devices adhere to corporate security policies and give you the control you need to protect your data.

Scale quickly to meet growing needs

Secure and manage almost any mobile device in your organization, without adding IT overhead.

Get practical mobile management

Chances are that mobile devices—and the applications they depend upon—are rapidly growing in your organization. Do you know how many licenses you're using? Are you sure?

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"We’re in a niche industry that services very expensive turbine engine components. Regulation requires us to protect all intellectual property—military, commercial and our own data—from unauthorized export. Having a secure mobile solution is imperative."
Kevin Salisbury   /   Manager,  Global Marketing and IS&T, TWIN MRO

In the niche market for turbine engines, TWIN MRO found that Novell, now a part of Micro Focus, had products that were flexible and great for mobile use.

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