Micro Focus iFolder

Access, organize, and manage your files from anywhere, anytime.

Available as part of Open Enterprise Server, Micro Focus iFolder lets you access, organize, and manage your files from anywhere, anytime. Whether you are working on your office or home computer, a disconnected notebook or even at an Internet kiosk in an airport halfway around the world, Micro Focus iFolder makes your files instantly available.

With Micro Focus iFolder, your local files automatically follow you everywhere—online, offline, all the time—across computers. You can share files in multiple Micro Focus iFolders and share each Micro Focus iFolder with a different group of users. Individual users control who can participate in their own Micro Focus iFolders and their access rights to the files in it. Users can also participate in Micro Focus iFolders that others share with them.

Micro Focus iFolder backs up your work immediately, so your files are always protected and easily recovered, even if your local data is lost. And later, when you move to a different location or a different computer, your files are automatically updated to reflect work you did elsewhere—with no e-mails to yourself, flash drives to lose, or file transfers required.

It also makes sure you always have the latest version of your files, no matter where you’re working from. When you make changes to a file and then save them in your Micro Focus iFolder directory, those changes are automatically and intelligently updated to your company's Micro Focus iFolder server, as well as your other connected computers. As a result, you're always working on the most recent version of any document. You can also share your files with others, and updates will automatically appear on their machines. This allows multiple users to simultaneously work on the same files—without version-control problems—improving collaboration and productivity across your enterprise.

To protect your sensitive information, Micro Focus iFolder provides top levels of security for all of your data, whether it's in transit, in storage, or in use on an employee's workstation. You can choose to give users full rights to files or limit them to read-only access. Micro Focus iFolder also includes stringent file-encryption capabilities. Files are encrypted before they are sent over the wire and when they are stored on the server.

Additionally, Micro Focus iFolder provides a complete backup solution for your critical data by storing all of the files in your local Micro Focus iFolder directory on your organization’s main Micro Focus iFolder server. So even if your local machine is damaged or lost, you'll be able to recover all of your files within just a few minutes.