What’s New in Open Enterprise Server

Micro Focus iPrint for Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1

Micro Focus iPrint for Open Enterprise Server (OES) now offers advanced Desktop and Mobile features for the enterprise. Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1 users can now print to their current printers from their mobile devices (paid-for feature) and Chromebooks in addition to their desktop environment without having to install the Micro Focus iPrint appliance. Micro Focus iPrint for OES brings in several new features from the Micro Focus iPrint Appliance and supports clustering as well. It scales to fit organizations of any size and provides a single solution to manage all printing needs across multiple locations.

Highlights of this release are:

  • WalkUp Printing: Save costs, while creating convenience to release jobs on any printer.
  • Mobile-Ready: Micro Focus iPrint for OES is ready to process jobs from mobile devices. No need to install new software when you’re going to enable mobile printing. Note: Use of mobile printing still requires purchase of mobile licenses.
  • Chromebook Support: Micro Focus iPrint clients on Chromebook is supported with Micro Focus iPrint for OES.
  • Email Print: Mail to print with a Global mail ID or private mail ID for printers.
  • Cluster-aware: All features from Micro Focus iPrint for OES are cluster aware and will work with your Micro Focus iPrint resources on cluster.

Note: Micro Focus iPrint for OES is available for Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1 only. Micro Focus iPrint for Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1 can be downloaded by existing customers under maintenance through the customer center.

What’s New in Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1

Building on the great base of Open Enterprise Server 2015, OES 2015 SP1 has new key features and enhancements that are sure to please.

  • Salvage/Purge support for CIFS users: Self-service file recovery and clean-up capabilities are available over CIFS for both NetIQ® eDirectory and Active Directory (AD) users using the very light weight file access rights management explorer shell extension.
  • Policy-based purge: Automatically purge the files in the salvage system based on policies. The policies today can be based on time or file extension or a combination of both.
  • CIFS/SMB enhancements: Improved performance and interoperability with Mac clients, better performance overall.
  • Improved disk storage allocation policies: Enjoy contiguous disk allocation which significantly reduces fragmentation from happening. Get better read performance and significantly improved backup performance.
  • NSS and AD Integration enhancements: We now support multiple AD forests and users in a trusted AD forest(s) can access NSS resources in a given forest. Further FTP support is also now available along with remote server navigation capabilities for AD users as well.
  • Auditing enhancements: Audit filters have been improved to allow for more granular audit logging.
  • Micro Focus branding: Micro Focus believes in Open Enterprise Server and wants you to know it. It’s more than just a name change—it’s a commitment to the future of OES.

Announcing Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server 2015

We are pleased to announce Open Enterprise Server 2015, which is built on the solid performance delivered by Open Enterprise Server 11. In addition to improvements to the existing feature set, this release includes these key value enhancements:

  • Access to NSS for Active Directory users natively: Now, Active Directory environments and users can enjoy all the benefits of NSS, which were available only to NetIQ eDirectory users in the past. More importantly, NetIQ eDirectory, and Active Directory users can have simultaneous access to NSS.
  • Large storage support: We have removed the 8 Terabyte storage limit. The new limit is 8 Exabyte.
  • The addition of SMB version 2 protocol support and significant performance gains in file access.
Additional enhancements to this release:


  • Improved NSS performance.
  • Unified view of all NSS configuration settings across pools and volumes.


  • NCP and Client Support for >16TB (NSS supported up to 8TB previously; NCP supported up to 16TB).
  • CIFS can now be used independently of NetBIOS with direct TCP support on port 445.
  • Enhanced security: CIFS NTLMSSP and Kerberos support for NetIQ eDirectory user authentication and Active Directory user authentication, respectively.
  • CIFS NT Notify Support: notifications of changes in real time.
  • CIFS now shares authorization information with NSS, eliminating in-memory trustee copy and improving performance and reliability.

Installation, Migration, and Management

  • Installation and upgrade paths now support DNS names.
  • Support of Common Proxy user migration as part of Transfer ID migration.
  • DFS Junction Management: you can now search and view all the DFS junctions in a volume and export the list.

Identity Translator

An automated Linux User Management (LUM) solution, which makes administering LUM painless.

Micro Focus iPrint

  • Direct Print Accounting: Accounting support for Micro Focus iPrint Direct Printers.
  • Browser-independent printer installation: Printer installation is no longer limited to IE or Firefox.

We are also introducing new license types:

  • Inactive user license: If a user has not logged in during the last 120 days or is disabled, then those users are considered inactive and will not be included in the active user count.
  • Limited use Open Enterprise Server user license: If you are using Open Enterprise Server to host only NetIQ eDirectory for the purpose of user authentication without accessing File, Print, or Domain Services for Windows and the user count grows in excess of the granted entitlement, then this license is applicable to those users.

Add even more value with the Cluster Services (NCS) promotion:

When you upgrade or deploy a new Open Enterprise Server 2015 Cluster Services setup, you will receive four additional cluster nodes at no extra cost if you purchase maintenance on those additional nodes at list price. This promotion is applicable only if all the nodes in your cluster are running Open Enterprise Server 2015. For more information click here.