Complete data center transformation, server consolidation, and server migration projects blazingly fast. Get minimal downtime and maximum automation with PlateSpin® Migrate (formerly NetIQ® PlateSpin Migrate).

PlateSpin Migrate is the IT pro's go-to solution for cloud and data center server migrations, using high-speed block-based transfers and Server Sync technology to deliver the fastest and most efficient anywhere-to-anywhere migrations. Migrate your servers to and from physical, virtual, and cloud locations.

  • Physical, virtual, cloud. Multi-platform migrations with support for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux.
  • Automation. Maximum automation means faster, error-free migrations.
  • Integrated testing. Every migration gets tested as part of the process.
Faster, more reliable migrations

Accelerate server migrations and reduce errors with the highest level of automation available in a migration solution. It’s a simple way to free up IT resources for other tasks.

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Faster, more reliable migrations
Integrated testing for safer migrations

Only PlateSpin Migrate recognizes the need for testing as an important key to success and includes testing in every server migration job.

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Integrated testing for safer migrations
Multi-platform support

Perform anywhere-to-anywhere migrations to-and-from physical servers, virtual hosts, and cloud platforms. PlateSpin Migrate offers broad support for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems.

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Multi-platform support
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"Using PlateSpin Migrate, we were able to complete 61 migrations within the targeted migration windows, saving an average of four hours migration time per server."
Joris Haverkort   /   Product Manager  Atos Origin Netherlands

A multi-billion-dollar company, Atos, needed to migrate hundreds of physical and virtual servers to the cloud without business disruption.

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Server virtualization refreshed Sony Italia's local computing infrastructure, transforming it into a more compact, efficient, and cost-effective physical form.

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