Multi-Platform Support for Server Migrations

Offering the widest array of hardware and platform support. You can migrate from anywhere-to-anywhere.

Perform anywhere-to-anywhere migrations to-and-from physical servers, virtual hosts, and the cloud, with broad support for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems. PlateSpin® Migrate is the only server migration solution you need.

Migrate all of your servers to wherever you want them, whenever you need them to be there. Harness the power of workload portability to take workloads from existing physical hardware to new physical hardware, from physical into virtual into cloud—or back—without having to worry about platform support.

In addition to migrations to various cloud platforms, PlateSpin Migrate supports all of the leading virtualization platforms.

  • VMware ESX
  • VMware ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

PlateSpin Migrate also offers the broadest support for multiple operating systems, including most supported Windows versions and many Linux distributions. Since it also supports so many hardware configurations, hardware vendors, and imaging technologies, your migration solution can remain the same even as platforms change.

PlateSpin Migrate automatically configures the server workload to operate on the target environment, making driver, kernel and other necessary changes on the fly. With a driver database of over 55,000 hardware drivers, and the ability for you to add your own custom drivers, PlateSpin Migrate ensures the widest array of hardware and platform support so you can perform server migrations from anywhere-to-anywhere.

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