Disaster Recovery Testing in a Single Click

Perform monthly or even weekly testing to keep recovery plans up to date.

Leverage virtualization for easy, one-click testing. Quickly create snapshot duplicates of the recovery archives, and then boot them into safe sandbox test networks. PlateSpin Protect® provides easy, fast, and—more importantly—safe testing.

Staying up to date

Organizations have been looking to remove the complexity of disaster recovery testing for as long as data centers have existed. In today's business world, six months can be an eternity. That's why PlateSpin Protect offers easy testing that can be performed monthly, or even weekly, to make sure that recovery plans are up to date.

Leveraging virtualization technology removes the need to find, configure, and stage dedicated testing infrastructure. Labor and time intensive disaster recovery drills can be replaced by a few clicks of a mouse.

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Automated testing

When it's time to test, all you need to do is select the server workloads to be tested and initiate the test command. PlateSpin Protect takes care of the rest, creating a snapshot duplicate of the selected server workloads and booting them into a fenced-off network segment.

It’s the easiest testing mechanism on the market. Because PlateSpin Protect uses a fenced-off network as well as duplicates of the recovery workloads, testing can be done with zero impact on production workloads. This renders the off-hours testing window a thing of the past as well. PlateSpin Protect empowers you with testing so easy and so safe it can be done at any time, even during production work hours.