Recover With the Click of a Mouse

Transform cumbersome disaster recovery tasks into a simple click.

Virtual machines deliver incredibly fast recovery performance because the backup media is also the recovery environment. Recovery archives created with PlateSpin® Protect can be powered on and run directly within your virtual infrastructure in minutes.


PlateSpin Protect leverages virtualization to make the pain and complexity of recovering from cumbersome backup archives a thing of the past. With no need to pre-stage and configure a target server for recovery purposes, virtual machines used as backups offer a recovery process as simply booting the backup archive in place. Removing unnecessary and error-prone manual steps from the recovery process saves time and saves headaches.

Steps to recovery

Recovery with most disaster recovery solutions requires four key steps to recovering a failed workload:

  • Procure a new server to run the workload on (often ensuring hardware compatibility with the old server)
  • Install an operating system to host the failed application
  • Configure the operating system to be suitable to run the application and in some cases installing the application itself
  • Load the backup data into the new application environment

PlateSpin takes these cumbersome four steps and offers a simple single recovery step:

  • Select the server workload to be failed over and click “Recover”

From that point on, the virtual recovery workload can be run in place to temporarily replace the workload or workloads that have failed. All this at the click of a mouse, and in as little time as it takes for a server to boot.

When a disaster hits, the time and effort saved by removing unneeded complexity can be priceless.