Improve Consolidation Ratios and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)

PlateSpin Recon's advanced server profiling, analysis, and planning features can save you money with higher consolidation ratios and lower resource contention.

Rapidly collect inventory and utilization data across thousands of servers

Save time and effort by automating the collection of server inventory, workload, and resource utilization data.

With PlateSpin® Recon, you can remotely discover server hardware and software assets across your entire data center—regardless of the various virtual machines, operating systems, and hardware platforms you have.

  • Supports Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms
  • Collects detailed information about each server in the network, including the operating system, installed and running applications or services, patch levels, CPU, memory, and network and disk resources (both local and SAN)
  • Identifies workloads and monitors utilization data over days, weeks, or months to determine utilization trends
  • Aids in data center optimization by collecting the key data points you need to assess and match workload sizes and resources
  • Imports system performance data from HP Operations Center and Microsoft Operation Manager (MOM)
  • Integrates with VMware vCenter to provide greater visibility into virtual data center environments

Plan data center initiatives based on concrete data, analysis, trending, and forecasting

Take the guesswork out of data center initiatives and achieve optimal results based on detailed analysis. PlateSpin Recon offers the most advanced scenario modeling, forecasting, and planning capabilities available for data center initiatives. With PlateSpin Recon, you can:

  • Create scenarios for distributing servers across virtual hosts to maximize utilization and minimize resource contention
  • Monitor the rate of disk block changes to quantify the most efficient replication frequencies to meet recovery point objectives
  • Use powerful "what-if" modeling to determine different combinations of hardware and virtual hosts, making it possible to proactively account for future growth by using forecast workload and utilization values
  • Enter your own experimental hardware builds to compare and cost-justify different scenarios based on power and cooling, total cost of ownership, consolidation ratio, and rack space needs
  • Properly group and size workloads according to their resource requirements to generate a successful consolidation or recovery plan

Speed up data center initiatives by automatically generating executable plans

Ensure a rapid return on investment from data center initiatives with automated planning and execution.

Together, PlateSpin Recon and PlateSpin Migrate provide the only solution that automates project assessment, planning, and execution from start to finish. That means you can accelerate data center initiatives by using PlateSpin Migrate to execute PlateSpin Recon plans and stream physical servers into virtual environments. By combining PlateSpin Recon and PlateSpin Migrate, you can:

  • Consolidate and protect your servers using virtual and blade infrastructures
  • Successfully consolidate your workload on the resources you have
  • Reduce conflicts between resources
  • Lower your overhead for ongoing migration by balancing workloads across target servers

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