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PlateSpin® Transformation Manager is a planning, tracking, and automation tool for large-scale data center transformation projects. It features familiar project roles, progress visualization with a dashboard, and support for all workload transformation methods. Import with automatic discovery simplifies and standardizes the setup of workloads and target hosts for planning. In Automated Mode, you can control the transformation workflow from import to cutover from a single point of control across large server farms of PlateSpin Migrate servers. Your team can increase project predictability, transformation speed, and success ratios, which helps reduce overall project costs and time to completion.

PlateSpin Migrate Connector supports workload and host discovery, load-balances the assignment of migration jobs to PlateSpin Migrate servers, and manages communications for the execution and monitoring of transformation plans for your VMware migration projects.

For detailed version information, see the PlateSpin Transformation Manager support technical information links below:

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Version 1.0 ›

PlateSpin Transformation Manager specifications
Appliance host server
  • VMware ESXi host server
  • VMware vSphere Client
  • Virtual storage disks
  • Static IP address
  • External PostgreSQL database (optional)
Appliance management console
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
PTM server web interface
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
PlateSpin Migrate Connector specifications

PlateSpin Transformation Manager and PlateSpin Migrate Connector automate workload migration and load-balance jobs across large server farms of PlateSpin Migrate servers. Migrate sends notifications about replication and cutover health and events to Transformation Manager.

Host server
  • PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance includes an installed instance
  • (Optional) Install additional instances for project-level assignments
  • All projects
  • Specific project
PlateSpin migration environment for automated data center migration
  • PlateSpin Transformation Manager
  • PlateSpin Migrate Connector
  • PlateSpin Migrate servers
Supported transformation methods

Planning mode — All transformation methods

Automation mode — VMware migration projects

PlateSpin discovery environment for automated discovery
  • PlateSpin Transformation Manager
  • PlateSpin Migrate Connector
Supported workloads and hosts for automated discovery
  • Source Windows workloads
  • Source Linux workloads
  • Target VMware Cluster hosts
Supported native languages
  • English
  • Japanese
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