Leverage a multi-tier architecture

Render rich, true-to-life graphics with incredible speed. Leave, rejoin, share, and transfer X sessions, thanks to advanced features such as suspend/resume, fault tolerance, and load balancing. Working with colleagues around the world is as seamless as if they were right down the hall.

Reflection Desktop for X is divided into three distinct modules, each with a unique role and each capable of running on a variety of platforms.
Lighten your workload

Centrally deploy X and emulation sessions, updates, and configuration packages. Use enterprise directory services, such as Active Directory, to control user access to host applications—without making any changes to your LDAP schema or data.

Use familiar tools

Seamlessly copy and paste text and graphics between Windows and UNIX-based apps. Continue to use tools like Trusted Locations, the Ribbon user interface, UAC, VBA, and .NET to get things done.

Seamlessly copy and paste text and graphics between Windows and UNIX-based apps.
Exceed internal and external security requirements

Encrypt and authenticate host sessions with SSH, TLS 1.2, SHA-256/RSA-2048, and FIPS 140-2 validation. Authorize users with patented Secure Token Authorization. Easily manage certificates with PKI. Highest-level security is integrated into every Reflection product.

Operate in PCI/DSS mode to block data flow over nonsecured wireless networks.
Get inspired by unrivaled 3D graphics

Connect to high-powered CAD/CAM, modeling, animation, and simulation apps. Render and display 2D/3D graphical X Window applications with unrivaled speed and accuracy. Watch designs come alive.

Leverage OpenGL/GLX to access UNIX-based 3D apps.
Enjoy collaborative freedom

Start a project in the office and rejoin it later from a different desktop. Share your session with colleagues around the world and work together in real time. You'll be amazed by your productivity.

Make powerful connections

Access X11, UNIX, and OpenVMS apps from your Windows desktop. Safely transfer files inside and outside the enterprise. Do it with Reflection Desktop for X.

Guard intellectual property

Protect your valuable designs, especially when they are being shared or transferred. Fortify host security and ward off network spies. The more security layers, the better.