Top 10 Reasons to Choose Release Control

Choose the company with four decades of experience orchestrating release management

Release Control orchestrates release management to both maximize business agility and optimize current investments in processes, technologies, and platforms. Uniquely, Release Control creates a single, proven path to production. That means delivery teams can deploy more applications faster, with greater consistency and auditability.

When evaluating a solution for deployment automation and release management, consider these key factors that differentiate Micro Focus from other vendors.

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  • 1. Configure processes based on release type +
  • 2. Application release coordination +
  • 3. Actionable insight +
  • 4. Find experts and foster collaboration with social IT capabilities +
  • 5. Seamlessly connect to your existing infrastructure +
  • 6. Complete release audit support +
  • 7. Faster time to value +
  • 8. Built on a customer-proven process platform +
  • 9. Award-winning customer support +
  • 10. Decades of experience and expertise +