Micro Focus Together (formerly Borland Together) is a visual modeling tool that helps business and development teams to analyze and design software architectures. Together helps delivery teams increase understanding of complex systems and capture requirements as precisely as possible.

  • Leading edge modeling platform improves the visualization and continuous maintenance of IT architectures.
  • LiveSource technology uses programming language source code to manage elements so code changes are reflected in the model.
  • Unified Modeling Language and Model Driven Architecture provide blueprints and data structures for application and enterprise architectures.
Leading-edge modeling platform

This platform provides a collaborative approach to modeling enterprise architectures so that requirements, architectures, designs, and code are always in sync.

Unified Modeling Language

Model-Driven Architecture and data modeling systems in Micro Focus Together incorporate Unified Modeling Language (UML) for all-purpose systems modeling.

LiveSource technology

LiveSource is a model storage mechanism that uses programming language source code to manage elements and eliminate unnecessary work.

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