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Complete Gmail archiving

Retain Archiving for Gmail authenticates to the Google Apps server through an IMAP connection. Once Retain is configured, it runs an initial dredge, which pulls all messages for a specified time frame (or all messages) for each mailbox and then archives those messages. The last archive is flagged so that each subsequent archive only pulls new messages from the last time an archive “job” was completed.

Complete Gmail archiving

Relax: your Gmail data is archived and secure

Retain Archiving for Gmail provides enterprise-level archiving for Gmail within G Suite. Your data is securely archived in one central location, and can be easily accessed by end users and administrators through Retain’s Web Access Archive Viewer. Unlike other archiving solutions, Retain integrates directly with Gmail. In fact, the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving states, “Retain is one of the few archiving solutions that offers native Gmail archiving support.”

Retain Archiving for Gmail includes powerful, built-in eDiscovery tools that are missing in Gmail. This enables your organization to quickly access, search, restore, and audit your email data, so you spend less, risk less, and can manage complex data on premises or in the cloud.

Relax: your Gmail data is archived and secure

One archive for all of your Gmail data

All messaging data, including Gmail messages, Gmail notes, files, attachments, appointments, and calendar items (iCalendar only), are archived into one unified data archive. You have the ability to search, publish, and perform eDiscovery from a central location.

Supported G Suite plans

Retain supports Gmail archiving for G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, and Education.

Restore archived email

Retain Archiving for Gmail provides quick and seamless email message restoration. End users can restore their personal archived messages directly to their live mailbox, while administrators and other named users have the ability to restore messages to any mailbox.

On-premise and cloud control

Whether your data is archived on premises or in the cloud, you maintain control of your data. Always know where your data is stored and know that only named users have access. When you need to access or export the data, you can do it quickly and easily.

Make your Gmail data secure and compliant

Google Vault lacks critical security capabilities that can put your organization at risk for data loss and compliance violations. Retain Archiving for Gmail solves this by giving you an archive that is platform agnostic, allowing for archive policy control, export to PDF, and restoration to the mailbox. Retain Archiving for Gmail enables redaction on exported messages, prohibits message alteration or deletion, and keeps you totally in control of your data so that your archive is always complete and compliant.

G Suite archive for education

Google Vault archiving is limited in many key areas that can put your school at risk of litigation or compliance violations and can make information governance and eDiscovery difficult. Retain solves these issues with complete archiving for G Suite for Education, including built-in eDiscovery, message restore, and more.

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Meet the High Performance Indexing Engine

Retain Archiving for Gmail features a High Performance Indexing Engine to ensure fast and easy data retrieval. All messages archived in Retain are immediately available for access, search, and eDiscovery with near zero latency between the time a message is archived and when it is indexed and available to search.

The High Performance Indexing Engine is a clusterable, high performance index that can support an unlimited number of search requests. The external engine is available in a load balancing format for increased performance, or in a failover format for redundancy. The engine can be used in either format or both, depending on your organization’s unique needs.