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Access your GroupWise data in one central location

Search, publish, and perform eDiscovery from one central location with Retain Archiving for GroupWise®. All your messaging data, including GroupWise email, tasks, folders, notes, calendar items, shared calendars, appointments, files, deleted items, and attachments is archived into one unified archive. This makes accessing and searching your archived GroupWise data fast and easy.

Access your GroupWise data in one central location

A controllable, compliant system

The GroupWise personal archive only creates user-level archives and does not create a system-wide archive. This archive cannot be published for eDiscovery and cannot be accessed and searched from a central location. This puts your organization at risk for data loss and compliance violations. Retain Archiving for GroupWise supports SmartPurge technology and provides you the system-wide archiving, search, publishing, and eDiscovery tools to help ensure your data archive is complete and compliant.

A controllable, compliant system

Archive your GroupWise messages, files, attachments, and appointments into a single archive

You use your GroupWise system for a large amount of business communication, which means your GroupWise system contains a large amount of valuable business data. Retain Archiving for GroupWise enables you to have complete visibility of your GroupWise messaging system by archiving all messaging data into a single, unified archive. This includes emails, appointments, files, and attachments. Accessing, searching, and exporting archived data is easier than ever with the Web Access Archive Viewer.

Supported GroupWise systems

Retain Archiving for GroupWise supports the following versions of GroupWise:

  • GroupWise 7.0.3 HPI or above
  • GroupWise 8
  • GroupWise 2012
  • GroupWise 2014+
  • GroupWise 18+

Reduce storage space with message deletion

Retain Archiving for GroupWise includes message deletion policies to reduce storage space and server load on your GroupWise system. Policies can be set to delete email from the server after being archived, or after exceeding its retention age. Whatever your needs are, Retain Archiving for GroupWise enables you to reduce your storage costs and increase your system performance.

GroupWise plugin

Once your GroupWise messages have been securely archived, you can easily access and search your archived messages from within the GroupWise Client or GroupWise WebAccess. Retain Archiving for GroupWise provides the ability to cache archived data based on specified criteria.

Single sign-on provided for quick access

Retain Archiving for GroupWise provides single sign-on for users to access their archives whether they are using the GroupWise Client or WebAccess. This enables your end-users and administrators to access valuable business data faster and easier than ever.

Say hello to the Retain High Performance Indexing Engine

Enjoy near zero latency between the time a message is archived and when it is indexed and available to be searched with Retain Archiving for GroupWise. The solution also features the High Performance Indexing Engine to ensure fast and easy data retrieval. This high performance, clusterable index is able to support an unlimited amount of search requests as well as support a variety of formats, including load balancing and failover formats.

More information about GroupWise archiving with Retain can be found here [link to the Retain for GroupWise datasheet in a lookbook with the other GroupWise documents (see free downloads below)].

GroupWise Messenger Archiving

Archive all instant messaging communication for GroupWise Messenger with Retain. This includes instant messages, group conversations, chat rooms, and broadcast messages. Retain allows you to have a central, accessible, system-wide archive of all GroupWise Messenger data.

"Retain is a very good archiving program. If you’re running GroupWise, why would you use anything else? It is economical. It works reliably. Plus, you don’t have to be an expert to use it."
George Armstrong   /   Mildred Independent School District  Assistant Director-Information Services