Retain Archiving for IBM Notes is a part of Email Archiving.
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Eliminate the need for IBM Notes NSF files

Manage Notes Storage Facility (NSF) files and Personal Archives by moving them into a single central archive. Your organization can now eliminate NSF and Personal Archives since everything is housed in the unified archive.

Eliminate the need for IBM Notes NSF files

Archiving for compliance, and control

To stay secure and compliant, every organization needs to keep its data archived. Retain Archiving for IBM Notes provides a simple solution with a central archive location. End-users and admins can easily access archived data with Retain Web Access Archive Viewer, the single stop for archived email and attachments from IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes).

With Retain Archiving for IBM Notes, your organization can access, search, and audit communication data quickly and easily with reduced cost, lower risk, and more transparency on premises or in the cloud.

One archive for all your IBM Notes email data

All messaging data, including email, appointments, files, and attachments, is archived into one unified data archive, enabling you to search, restore, publish, and perform eDiscovery from a central location.

Conserve storage space

Retain Archiving for IBM Notes enables you to reduce storage space usage and relieve the server load on IBM Notes by including message deletion policies. Set your policies to delete emails from your own servers after they have been archived within the Retain archive.

Increase security capabilities

Because IBM Notes lacks critical security capabilities, your organization needs to protect itself from data loss and violation of compliance rules. Retain Archiving for IBM Notes enables you to store data in a secure, platform-agnostic archive with configurable permissions and transparent audit trails. Ensure that you’re always compliant with an up-to-date, complete archive.

Complete control even in the cloud

Maintain control of critical data even when it’s archived in the cloud. Whether you choose to archive on-premises or in the cloud, you will always know where your data is stored and how to access it quickly. Control which users have access, and know that you can export data easily.

Records requests

Your organization will always be ready for records requests for IBM Notes data. Retain Archiving for IBM Notes allows you to quickly and easily produce IBM Notes data that may be required for litigation, audits, regulatory investigation, eDiscovery requests, FOIA requests, or other records requests.

Let Retain’s High Performance Indexing Engine work for you

Ensure fast and easy data retrieval with the High Performance Indexing Engine that is part of Retain. When data is archived, it becomes available for search, access, and eDiscovery almost instantly, so you eliminate latency between archival and access.

This high performance index is able to support unlimited search requests and comes in two formats: load balancing for better performance, or failover for redundancy. Choose one or both of these formats according to your organization’s structure and needs.

Optimal performance

Ensure optimal performance for your IBM Notes system by keeping message data securely archived and off of your live system. Your messaging server is free of extraneous data and performs at top speed.

Single sign-on

Users can access their archived IBM data via single sign-on.