Improve Manual Processes and Reduce Waste with SBM

What is Serena Business Manager (SBM)?

Micro Focus SBM (formerly Serena Business Manager) is a process management platform that enables IT developers and operations to organize and integrate across an entire organization. This includes operations, delivery, and software development.

By automating IT, development, and business processes, Micro Focus SBM makes operations more efficient and reduces wasted resources. Responsibilities that used to fall on staff now fall on software. Through streamlined compliance, audits, and security, SBM also reduces costs by reducing necessary oversight.

Automation versus manual: The numbers

Maintaining spreadsheets: Takes more than 12 hours on average per month.

Meetings and emails: Costs businesses $250,000+ per year.

Updating other systems: Every business process is integrated with an average of three systems.

More than 1,600 companies have deployed more than 1,000 applications and processes with Micro Focus SBM, saving an untold number of hours and dollars every month and every year.

How is work management automation superior to manual processes?

Automating business processes gives you process management from beginning to end. You can quickly and easily create and deploy flexible, adaptable applications for work management, whether for employees or for systems. Applications are easily adopted by employees and stakeholders. Since Micro Focus SBM has built-in auditing and reporting, compliance is always ensured.

Process stakeholders get full transparency. Micro Focus enables process organization, so that stakeholders can engage with processes through social views and feeds. Features like backlog feeds, work center’s activity, and calendar give insight into queues and pieces of work. Stakeholders can even view and investigate bottlenecks with rich auditing and reporting.

Process applications can be composed using a simply drag-and-drop layout, enabling users to orchestrate workflows and make development more productive than ever before. By automating promotion, deployment, and versioning, administration is minimized and development staff is reduced, speeding up delivery and response time. Put implementation and definition of applications on the fast track.

Micro Focus SBM powers IT service management, release management, and request management, automating processes that are most important to the software development lifecycle. SBM provides a platform with the flexibility, versatility, and extendability that supports constantly changing business demands.

Key features of Micro Focus SBM

  • Graphical modeling for processes and application development
  • Library of out-of-the-box process applications
  • Auditing that always works for ensured compliance
  • Process transparency for stakeholders, including insight into bottlenecks
  • The fastest development and deployment
  • Organization of various workflows: between humans, between systems, and between both humans and systems
  • Customizable notifications and alerts for individuals