Complete antivirus protection

Enjoy the best zero-hour antivirus protection for both inbound and outbound traffic with Secure Messaging Gateway. Viruses are stopped before an outbreak occurs, which saves you thousands of dollars in lost time and data.

Antivirus scanning

Secure Messaging Gateway scans for viruses in the subject, body, and attachments of an email. If the attachment contains a virus, the email is immediately stopped at the gateway. If the body or subject of the email contains a malicious link or a virus, the email is blocked by the solution.

Inbound and outbound protection of your system

With inbound and outbound scanning, Secure Messaging Gateway provides unique protection of your system, ensuring that threats and damages are minimized. Viruses and malware are stopped from ever entering your system, no matter what entry point they try to enter from.

Policy-based, multi-tenant configuration

Create and configure individual message policies based on the delivery information of each individual message. Set criteria such as the recipient, the source address, and direction to create separate message policies for incoming and outgoing email for individual users, domains, or multiple sets of users.

Multi-threaded, high performance scanning

Secure Messaging Gateway provides high performance email scanning by threading scan processes asynchronously across all available resources on the server.

Pattern matching capabilities

Secure Messaging Gateway supports standards-based regular expression for pattern matching. Additionally, Secure Messaging Gateway enables you to apply patterns and scanning to the full domain. Whatever pattern you apply, the pattern will be applied to all email addresses, using that domain to search for patterns in email content.

Eliminate spam from your inbox

By providing multi-layer spam defense to your email, Secure Messaging Gateway prevents spam and unwanted traffic from entering your collaboration system.

Perimeter defense scanning

Catch spam before it ever reaches your messaging system with the Secure Messaging Gateway soft appliance. Spam-blocking functions include address blocking, content filtering, heuristics, SURBL technology, IP reputation scanning, conversion tracking, and TLS support. By eliminating spam, Secure Messaging Gateway keeps your messaging and email systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Minimize false-positives

The Secure Messaging Gateway anti-spam engine is constantly updated with new spam signatures. This innovative technology assures that false-positives are detected—and means that the mail you need ends up in your inbox and spam is filtered out.

Robust content filtering

Secure Messaging Gateway features robust content filtering capabilities that filters content based on email address, subject, header, body, Raw MIME, fingerprinting, attachment, attachment names, images, black-list/white-list, message size, and IP address.

Directional filtering control

Create filters based on message direction (outbound versus inbound filters) with Secure Messaging Gateway. You can easily apply different filters to inbound traffic than you would for outbound traffic and vice versa.

Envelope filtering

Filter based on authentication of users with envelope filtering. If a user is authenticated in the system and they send an email, Secure Messaging Gateway will deal with that message based on the parameters you set. If a user is not authenticated within the system, messages are prevented from entering the system.

Outbound spam protection

Prevent your end-user workstations from being compromised by viruses that slip through your perimeter defenses. Secure Messaging Gateway prevents outbound spam risks, including blocked IP address, damaged reputation, loss of resources, and crippled messaging systems, from pushing spam out through your network.

Anti-spoofing with SPF scanning

To stop email-spoofing, Secure Messaging Gateway features Sender Policy Framework (SPF) scanning. SPF looks at the domain found in the ‘mail from’ file, then checks that domain’s SPF records to ensure the domain reported matches the mail servers that send that domain.

SPF also enables Secure Messaging Gateway to identify messages that are or are not authorized to use the domain name in the SMTP HELO and mail from commands based on information published in a sender policy of the domain owner.

Cybercrime protection

Cybercrime, cyberterrorism, and malicious malware pose serious threats to your organization. Secure Messaging Gateway helps you manage and eliminate those threats through multiple layers of specialized protection. These layers prevent cybercriminals from using email as a way of attacking your infrastructure.

DoS/DDoS protection

Prevent Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks to the SMTP. These attacks can easily take down your mail server, which leads to system outages and downtime costing your organization time and money in lost productivity.

End-user black and white-lists

Empower end-users and reduce administration time and costs with the Secure Messaging Gateway interface. This interface enables end-users to place individual email addresses or complete domains on their black or white-list, allowing messages to pass through or be blocked based on this list.

Total GroupWise support*

Intercept all messages passing through GroupWise® MTA, POA, GWIA, WebAccess, and GMS in real time to help ensure that they are free of viruses, spam, and malware with Secure Messaging Gateway.

GroupWise WebAccess*

To manage messages coming from WebAccess, Secure Messaging Gateway includes a connector to WebAccess Server Protection (WASP), which scans, filters, and quarantines every element of your messaging system. The connector sits at the GroupWise WebAccess Gateway and filters unwanted content before it ever reaches the system.

Protect GroupWise Mobility Services*

Enjoy the same protection of GroupWise on your GroupWise Mobility Service. Secure Messaging Gateway scans all messages sent from mobile devices connected to the GroupWise Messaging Service and stops viruses before they enter the GroupWise system. This enables organizations to ensure that mobile messages are secure and that viruses are not spread to internal GroupWise users.

Complete Vibe support

The same protection offered for GroupWise is also available for Vibe. Secure Messaging Gateway scans all Vibe messages and uploads and prevents viruses before they enter the network. Not only does this keep your Vibe system secure, but viruses are also prevented from being spread to other internal system users.

Multi-system support

Filter messages at the perimeter of any standards-based mail or collaboration system with Secure Messaging Gateway. This includes platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, GroupWise, Vibe, Lync, or Lotus Domino.

Secure Messaging Gateway can also be setup on multiple servers, which allows your system to continue to run, even if one or more servers goes down.

Deploy on-prem and in the cloud

Whether you’re looking to deploy Secure Messaging Gateway behind your organization’s firewall or in the cloud, you’ll enjoy the same powerful security features in both locations.

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Role-based user administration

Grant users role-based access from within Secure Messaging Gateway. The Access Control List enables you to manage user access to features and functions based on the roles you set. Users are now able to access certain administration features without having full administration rights.

Easy-to-configure, customizable notifications

Secure Messaging Gateway enables you to create the specific notifications you want or need. Notifications can be triggered by keywords, attachments, content, viruses, spam, and more, which means the amount of notifications you can create are almost limitless. Plus, all notifications can be localized, which enables you to provide localized versions of all generated emails.

*This functionality is available in Secure Messaging Gateway for GroupWise 18+ only. For GroupWise 8, 2012, and 2014 this functionality is only available with GWAVA 6.x.