Top 10 Reasons to Choose Solutions Business Manager

Rapidly create and adapt process apps with SBM.

Does your company create and adapt process-based applications for human and system work management? Solutions Business Manager (SBM) is the IT process automation platform of choice to improve enterprise agility, productivity, and accountability.

Over 1,600 global companies rely on Solutions Business Manager for rapid prototyping. SBM users create prototype applications in weeks to quickly demonstrate business value; they then take an agile, iterative approach to optimizing these solutions.

Our customers contrast traditional approaches to business process management with Solutions Business Manager. According to those who use SBM every day, Solutions Business Manager is cost-effective, speeds implementation, and helps rapidly deliver fit-to-purpose applications. Here’s our top ten list of why you should consider leveraging SBM.


  • Rapidly create process-based applications +
  • Easily design dynamic forms +
  • Seamlessly connect to existing infrastructure +
  • Confidently manage change +
  • Accelerate and bullet-proof installations; visually compare apps before upgrades +
  • Fast-track approvals—right from your email or mobile device +
  • Zero in on process bottlenecks with rich reports at your fingertips +
  • Find expert and foster collaboration with social IT capabilities +
  • Ensure timely notifications +
  • Configure your dashboard +