What's New in Micro Focus Vibe

What's New in Micro Focus Vibe 4.0.3?

The following are the new features and/or enhancements of the Vibe 4.0.3 release:

  • GroupWise® LDAP Sync—Allows GroupWise users to use the GroupWise LDAP server as the source for Vibe user creation.
  • PostgreSQL supported—Allows Vibe to use this open source database
  • Infrastructure updates—Tomcat, Spring, and JDK updated to latest versions
  • Various bug fixes

Vibe 4.0.3 can be downloaded through the Customer Center for all customers with active maintenance contracts.

What's New in Micro Focus Vibe 4.0.2?

The following are the new features and/or enhancements of the Vibe 4.0.2 release:

  • Sharing improvements—Share workspaces, folders, and entries with internal and external users in an even more intuitive way.
  • Updated interface—An updated interface and revised interactions in the web and mobile app interfaces ensure that users will find what they’re looking for in exactly the place they expect it to be.
  • Folder content to CSV export—Same valuable data, new ways to view it; the choice is yours.
  • Filter and pinning enhancements—Quickly find and re-find the entries you interact with most.
  • Vibe desktop application improvements—Enjoy expanded interactions with folders and files right from your desktop.
  • Customized email notifications—In Vibe 4.0.1, you can customize email notifications.
  • Improved administration of user visibility—Now it is possible to easily administer user visibility via groups.
  • Two-factor authentication with KeyShield—Improve security by using two-factor authentication through KeyShield, a popular SSO provider.
  • Improved external user provisioning—In Vibe 4.0.1, you can provision external users from an LDAP source in the exact same way as you provision internal users.
  • MariaDB with SLES 12 support—Use the popular open source database MariaDB running on SUSE® Enterprise Linux Server 12 as the database server.
  • Improved custom JSP support—Improved rendering of custom JSP pages. Great news if you have highly modified or customized Vibe with JSP.
  • Micro Focus branding—Product logos, icons, and color scheme updated to reflect Micro Focus.