Visual COBOL for Visual Studio Personal Edition Trial Download

The Future of COBOL Is Here.

Visual COBOL PE is your chance to tune your skills and gain experience with the next generation in COBOL development—Visual COBOL. Students, aspiring developers, and alike keep reading.

Introducing Visual COBOL Personal Edition

Visual COBOL Personal Edition (PE) integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse, giving you the choice to develop COBOL applications using the world’s most popular integrated development environments. This is your opportunity to learn the enterprise language behind 70% of today’s business transactions.

Visual COBOL PE supports your learning experience with a flexible, annual term based software license.

System Requirements

Visual COBOL trials are available on these platforms.

Full system requirements are available in the Micro Focus Visual COBOL 2.3 for Eclipse release notes.

Full system requirements are available in the Micro Focus Visual COBOL 2.3 for Visual Studio release notes.

*If you do not have Visual Studio installed, the Visual Studio shell edition will be installed for you. The Visual Studio Shell will enable you to develop COBOL applications, but it does not support other programming languages.

  • Visual COBOL for Eclipse
  • Windows
  • SUSE
  • Red Hat
  • Visual COBOL for Visual Studio
  • Windows
  • SUSE
  • Red Hat

Personal Edition Features

You can use the world’s most powerful application development environment for COBOL—free for non-commercial use.

Visual COBOL Personal Edition has the same features as the commercial version. These include:

  • Procedural and object-oriented COBOL development
  • Build COBOL applications for native code, .NET, and the Java Virtual Machine
  • Mixed language interoperability with Java and C#
  • Code assist tools such as Intellisense and autocomplete
  • Visual Studio designer support for creating WPF, Winforms, and ASP.NET applications

For more information about Visual COBOL Personal Edition or for general help, please visit the Visual COBOL forums on our Community website.


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