Streamlined asset inventory

Take advantage of proven, flexible out-of-the-box or customized inventory processes.

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Powerful usage and compliance reporting

Perform advanced usage and compliance reporting—and create complex custom reports without database programming knowledge.

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Software discovery

Tune and prepare all your inventory data for efficient license compliance, reconciliation, and reporting.

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License management and reconciliation

Match discovered products with purchased licenses, show how they relate to each other, and place them in the context of your overall software licensing program.

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Software usage

Gain deep visibility into desktop and server-side application usage trends.

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Integrated contract management

Leverage information in the ZENworks Asset Management database to manage IT contracts.

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Automatic asset identification

Automate the process of recognizing and categorizing hardware and software assets with automatic identification of tens of thousands of products and devices.

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License tracking and compliance

Make sure your software licenses are in perfect sync with the software running in your organization.

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"With ZENworks Asset Management, we know exactly what is installed and where. Having a real-time inventory makes it easy for us to comply with software licensing requirements, as well as our leasing schedules."
Noah Broadwater   /   Vice President of Information Services  Sesame Workshop