Expand your freedom to choose

Unlike other solutions that lock you into a Microsoft-only back end, ZENworks® Configuration Management runs on both Windows and Linux, supports Microsoft Active Directory and NetIQ® eDirectory, and works with your database of choice (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or Sybase).

This flexibility keeps costs low and does not force you to abandon your current IT investments. ZENworks Configuration Management also offers you a wide range of deployment options for more freedom.

Enjoy a truly unified and integrated solution

Centralize the management of all your devices into a single unified and easy-to-use web-based ZENworks console—called ZENworks Control Center.

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New core capabilities

Streamline and automate configuration management across your whole environment with a long list of expanded and enhanced core capabilities.

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Integrated endpoint security management for Windows

Manage the security settings of all your Windows systems through the central web-based ZENworks console.

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Integrated desktop management for Linux endpoints

Unify your desktop environments by managing all of your Windows and Linux endpoints through a single unified web-based ZENworks console.

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Power management

Configure policies for setting up Windows power management settings and performing out-of-band power management tasks using Intel vPro. Then, run reports that show the results of your efforts and policies.

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ZENworks reporting server

Get actionable information about your IT environment with an enhanced reporting service that lets you run a wide range of canned reports and build custom reports as you need them.

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Comprehensive, integrated configuration management

Manage your whole Windows environment with a comprehensive set of fully integrated configuration management tools.

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Device discovery and agent deployment

Find all the devices on your network, classify them, add them to the ZENworks Database, and quickly deploy the appropriate management agents.

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Policy-based automation

Use a unique policy-based approach to automate software setup, updates, healing, and migration for desktop computers.

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Role-based administration

Give administrators and helpdesk personnel just the level of control they need to do their jobs.

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Software packaging and deployment

Simplify and automate the packaging, deployment, and management of all your applications throughout their lifecycles.

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Imaging and pre-boot services

Perform automatic imaging tasks and manual imaging operations quickly and efficiently.

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Windows 10 migration

Use a unique policy-based approach—together with advanced imaging and personality migration features—to accelerate the Windows 10 migration process.

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Auto content replication and distribution points

Place applications and content close to your end users.

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Flexible, non-intrusive deployment options

Choose to install only the capabilities you need—or deploy the whole solution at once.

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ZENworks virtual appliance

Deploy ZENworks Configuration Management more quickly than ever before with a new virtual appliance option.

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Web services architecture

Simplify administration and reduce infrastructure and training costs with an elegant, easy-to-use web services architecture.

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Bundle commander

Lower costs by automating repeated steps for new applications.

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Device configuration and standardization

Create a more compliant and standardized IT environment.

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Eliminate IT effort

Streamline and automate the process of giving users all the resources they need.

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Integrated patch management for Linux endpoints

Keep your whole enterprise compliant with cross-platform patch management for Windows and Linux.

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Boost user productivity

Accelerate time-to-value and boost the productivity of your IT staff by up to 45 %.

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New features of ZENworks 2017
Manage all of your devices

With ZENworks Configuration Management 2017, you can manage all of your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from one place. Because mobile devices, policies, and software are treated just like their desktop counterparts, ZENworks administrators will find it easy to begin managing mobile devices without the need to deploy new hardware or learn new management tools and paradigms. Additionally, if you are licensing ZENworks on a per-user basis, then you can begin managing your end users’ mobile devices (up to five total devices per user) without buying additional licenses.

Leverage the Apple Volume Purchasing Program (VPP)

ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 integrates with the Apple VPP program, allowing you to deploy applications and their corresponding licenses. This makes it easy to purchase applications for employees, deploy the applications and license, and reclaim the license when the user leaves or no longer requires the application.

Make your users happier and more productive

The new ZENworks User Application replaces the venerable ZENworks Application Window. This new interface uses end user friendly terminology, features a modern UI design, and adds key capabilities such as live search, making it easier for your users to find what they need.

Make the end user experience yours

The new ZENworks User Application also provides a simple branding policy that allows you to change the look and feel of the ZENworks User Application to anything you can imagine.

Put the power of end user self-service to work for you

ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 includes a two-user license of Micro Focus Service Desk Standard Edition. With these licenses, you can quickly and easily implement a ZENworks integrated self-service store where users can request applications and other services from IT and have them delivered via a workflow enabled the process.

Leverage your favorite browser for management

With the new ZENworks Control Center management helper, you can use your favorite browser to manage ZENworks, including Group Policy, Remote Control, and File Upload capabilities. Use any of the industry favorites such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Faster and more reliable inventory

The updated inventory scanner lowers machine impact while scanning shortens the scan time and provides even more hardware and software inventory data using more modern detection methods.

Optimized for the future

Future versions of ZENworks will deliver value at a much faster pace. With ZENworks 2017, when you want a new release, you can implement it quickly without the need to apply multiple updates.

Create compelling reports and dashboards

ZENworks Reporting 6.2.1 includes significant enhancements making it easier than ever to create compelling custom reports and dashboards that you can use to visualize the status of the system and the business value it provides.

ZENworks Configuration Management vs. Micro Focus Mobile Management

With the release of ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) 2017, ZCM now includes Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities for iOS, Android and ActiveSync devices. As the first release, ZENworks 2017 offers a base set of capabilities that are critical to our customers. Over the next several updates additional capabilities will be added to the ZCM product, making it a robust Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution.

As you may be aware, Micro Focus also sells a standalone MDM solution—Micro Focus Mobile Management (MFMM). This solution provides an alternate architecture, management console, and capabilities. Because not all of the capabilities in MFMM are currently available in ZCM, both products will be offered for some time to come. This purpose of this feature chart is to help you understand the capabilities of each of these solutions so that you can identify the one that meets your needs. Going forward the majority of MFMM capabilities are expected to be integrated into the ZCM product.

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