New Core Capabilities

Core improvements make ZENworks Configuration Management an even smarter choice.

New core capabilities make ZENworks® Configuration Management faster, more automated, and more robust than ever before. This includes:

  • Location awareness that adds a new dimension to the product's identity-based approach to configuration management. With these new location awareness capabilities, you can identify the closest servers, control bandwidth throttling, and much more
  • Bundle and policy change management that help ensure changes are only deployed to your production network when you're ready to publish them
  • Administrative groups that make it possible to leverage Micro Focus eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory groups as ZENworks administrative groups
  • A new 64-bit JVM that allows you to make the most of today's 64-bit hardware and operating systems
  • Action level system requirements that give you more flexibility when building bundles for software delivery
  • Manual device creation and reconciliation that allows you to pre-create devices—and then reconcile them based on serial number, MAC address, and/or hostname