ZENworks Reporting Server

Powered by Jaspersoft.

Excavate the information you want from even the most complex systems with reporting powered by Jaspersoft.

To effectively manage your configurations, you need deep visibility into your IT environment. The ZENworks® Reporting Server provides that visibility with extensive reporting capabilities.

  • Access the ZENworks Reporting Server through the web or through the same ZENworks console you use for ZENworks Asset Management, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, and ZENworks Patch Management
  • Build a powerful reporting dashboard by integrating reports, charts, graphs, and more using an easy drag-and-drop dashboard designer
  • Design a report and share it effortlessly with a full set of security
  • Build reports on the fly using ad-hoc reporting and easy-to-understand business objects

Using the ZENworks Reporting Server you can publish reports in PDF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, DOC, and more. Choose from standard reports in the ZENworks Reporting library or create your own custom reports. You can also schedule reports and automate distribution.