Software Packaging and Deployment

Lower the costs and effort of deploying and managing applications.

ZENworks® Configuration Management makes it easy to package, deploy, and manage applications throughout their entire lifecycles. This includes:

  • Easy-to-use wizards and an intuitive interface that make it easy to perform all types of deployments
  • Non-disruptive and customizable deployment options that keep administrative tasks transparent to end users, including bandwidth throttling, checkpoint restart, auto-verification, and self-healing
  • Flexible and efficient content delivery that compresses and encrypts bundles, attaches policy information, and then downloads and deploys bundles based on predefined schedules and parameters
  • Advanced delivery options, including application chaining, customized launch actions, automatic application repair, application termination, and application uninstall
  • Built-in software packaging capabilities that make it easy to prepare, configure, and customize reliable Windows Installer (MSI) software packages for distribution