Centralize Policy Control With ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

Policy-based security for Windows

Keep your most important IT assets secure and protected from a single console. Micro Focus ZENworks® Endpoint Security Management provides policy-based, fine-grained control over all your laptop and desktop PCs. By managing and creating policies from one central location, the possibility of implementing and enforcing highly adaptive, tightly controlled policies is simple. You no longer have to place configuration or enforcement burdens on users. ZENworks also features multiple monitoring, reporting, and auditing tools than ensure that security policies are being complied with. By bringing centralized security to IT assets, you can bring a peace of mind to your business place by reassuring your employees that their most valuable files and assets are well protected.

Keep your removable devices protected

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management protects removable devices. Users can easily enable or disable devices, including CD/DVDs, zip drives, and flash memory cards. These devices can switch to read-only through the use of whitelisting controls. Additionally, floppy drive and optical writer controls enable administrators to give or deny drive access to an individual based on their security standing. To ensure that data is not being copied, ZENworks features unauditable transaction prevention that disables storage devices that are capable of copying data without leaving a trace. ZENworks also enables you to enforce encryption policies on all your removable devices. Data stored in user-defined or administrator fixed disk or folders along with data copied to removable devices are encrypted ensuring that the entire content is protected.

Break away from traditional firewalls

The moment traffic enters a PC, you can be assured that you have complete security protection. ZENworks resides at the Network Driver Interface Specification layer for each network interface card, which is unlike traditional hook driver firewalls. ZENworks features a variety of firewalls that protect your devices from harmful or threatening files. Stateful firewall protection ensures that only solicited traffic is communicated back to a device. The Access Control Lists and TCP/UDP port rules control and strictly manage firewall behavior on specific devices. Access Control Lists can also be adapted depending on the device location. Additionally, by implementing a policy-based, centralized control over workplace firewalls, disabling firewalls by unauthorized administrators or end-users is prevented. The use of ZENworks firewalls ensures that your network is protected even when the security of your PC fails.

Keep your Wi-Fi connections secure

ZENworks also features centralized control over when, where, and how users connect to wireless networks. By implementing policies that block, restrict, or disable Wi-Fi communications based on a specific situation, you can ensure that the workplace is compliant with Wi-Fi standards, increasing file security. You can also create black and white lists for wireless access points. Wi-Fi security controls and adapter blocking enable you to limit Wi-Fi communications that don’t meet encryption standards as well only enabling users to connect to wireless access points with corporate-approved Wi-Fi adapters. ZENworks also features wireless protection for other wireless port and communication devices, including USB, modem, and Bluetooth connections.

Enhance the security of desktop applications

Assure that the applications running on employees’ Windows desktops and laptops are secure and protected. ZENworks features an application control component that enables you to create policy-based, precise control over running applications on endpoints. The spyware and antivirus integrity checking ensures that all security applications are running correctly while also disabling and quarantining any devices that are non-compliant. Based on the specific location and security status of an application, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management can prevent or deny applications access to the network or stop them from running completely. Additionally, the VPN enforcement feature ensures that users can only connect using an authorized VPN, preventing dangerous user behaviors such as “split tunneling” or “evil twin” attacks. Any applications that are known to be malicious or undesirable are recorded on a blacklist and blocked.

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