New Security and Control Capabilities

What's new in ZENworks Endpoint Security Management?

ZENworks® Endpoint Security Management comes complete with stronger, more robust capabilities that ensure even greater control and tighter security. True mobile device security has never been easier. From mobile devices to Wi-Fi, storage, virtual networks, and secure applications controls—ZENworks has all-new, enhanced solutions to protect your critical information like never before.

  • USB device management. Receive alerts about controlling the devices or types of devices users are allowed to access (if any)
  • Storage management. Enjoy complete control of access to storage devices and control AutoPlay
  • Wi-Fi management. Limit access only to protected networks and specific access points
  • Layer 2 firewall. Gives complete control of all incoming and outgoing traffic on the managed device
  • VPN enforcement. Force the use of VPN in specified locations
  • Application control. Use the option to restrict execution of application or prohibit Internet use by application
  • Data encryption. Configure the encryption of removable devices along with any selected directory path
  • Client self defense. Effectively prevent users from tampering with the security enforcement components of the ZENworks agent