Protect Against Bugs in USB Storage Devices

Protect against data theft.

Protect against data theft by controlling the use of removable storage devices like USB drives, mp3 players, zip drives, and more.

ZENworks® Endpoint Security management includes a comprehensive, integrated set of enterprise endpoint security management and enforcement features that give you control over common removable storage devices.

  • Data theft protection that lets you enable or disable or set any removable file storage device to read-only, including:
    • USB
    • floppy
    • CD/DVD
    • zip drives
    • .MP3 players
    • flash memory
    • SCSI
    • PCMCIA cards
  • Granular RSD white-listing controls that allow administrators to control the use of USB devices.
  • Unauditable transaction prevention that locks out local storage devices capable of copying data without leaving an audit trail.
  • Optical writer (DVD/CD) and floppy drive controls that can allow, deny, or set drive access to read-only, depending on a user's location and security situation.