Enjoy Full Integration With ZENworks 2017

A plethora of security policies to choose from.

With ZENworks® Endpoint Security Management, you will enjoy unprecedented support for additional server and database platforms, deployment of the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management agent, and location awareness for all ZEN solutions. In addition, you can take advantage of ZENworks Endpoint Security Management's support for multiple policies, including the following 10 policy types:

  • Application control
  • Communication hardware
  • Data encryption
  • Firewall
  • Location assignment
  • Security settings
  • Storage device control
  • USB connectivity
  • VPN enforcement
  • Wi-Fi

With ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, all communications to and from the ZENworks server happen through a single adaptive agent over standard HTTP(s) protocols. Additionally, the integrated endpoint security management agent provides advanced location awareness features and lockdown driver-level enforcement of endpoint security policies.

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management's built-in single management console and policy management paradigm give you feature-specific security policies that enable you to define security settings granularly for each device. These can then be combined to implement a holistic policy.

Also, creating policy groups enables you to combine security and configuration policies and make a single assignment for enforcement. And most policies can be either user- or device-assigned and created to be global- or location-specific. Policies then combine to ensure that the right set is applied for the combination of location, device, and user.