Unified Console

Use a familiar management console.
Let IT staff expand on their ZENworks skills

If you're already using other ZENworks® products—like ZENworks Configuration Management—you already know how to manage devices remotely through the unified console. The basics stay the same, and the specifics are easy to learn.

Training is a short, inexpensive learning curve, because you already know how to set, deploy, and modify ZENworks policy-based management tools.

Even if Full Disk Encryption is the first ZENworks product you buy, you're getting push-button management that reduces cost even as it improves service-level experiences.

You'll like it so much, you're going to want more. So it's good to know ZENworks Full Disk Encryption works as both a point product—to solve your most immediate problem—and as a flexible foundation you can build on to automate many different IT management tasks.