Reducing IT Backlog, One Bottleneck at a Time

Surprisingly, one of the major barriers to resolving the IT backlog is identifying it.

As our white paper explains, the phrase "IT backlog" is as widely used as it is misunderstood. And it is used interchangeably with similarly debt-focused phrases, such as "technical debt" and "IT debt."

Every IT shop knows that as an organization adopts innovative new systems and processes it adds to application complexity, fueling the backlog and using up resources that could otherwise be used for innovation. And with stagnant IT budgets committed to day-to-day business activities—the so-called "keeping the lights on" work—there is little flexibility for reducing the backlog.

Reducing IT backlog

Who Will Benefit?

Any organization that:

  • Values innovation above resolving stagnant application maintenance work
  • Wants to achieve a 40% cost reduction and improve development efficiency by 25%
  • Appreciates the value in improving their end-to-end application development process
  • Wants greater flexibility from the mainframe-based IT environment
  • Cannot afford additional costs or compromises to quality

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