Can You Speed Up Your Software Delivery?

Leave your immature release management process behind.


Increasing the speed of your software delivery process is tricky. To successfully speed up your process without breaking anything, you need a strong release management process. A weak process ensures a haphazard game of chance instead of a well-thought-out approach.

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  • How release management binds the business and IT under a common purpose
  • Why your release management tool should create better business coherency and agility
  • Why release management is vital to software delivery
  • Which features of Release Manager take the risk out of speeding up delivery

Remove the boundaries between IT and the business to successfully deliver stable, reliable applications faster.


Developers can devise effective unit testing strategies using code coverage and cyclomatic complexity analysis to address application quality earlier in the development lifecycle. Employing complexity analysis to focus unit testing, and then using code coverage to ensure unit testing provides the necessary coverage of code enables developers to identify and correct defects long before they reach end users. Further, it enables both developers and testers to determine whether or not existing unit tests and functional test cases are adequate. Many teams set code coverage standards that must be met prior to software deployment, so that there is a high level of confidence that the vast majority of code has been tested.

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