The Journey to Enterprise‐Scale DevOps: Becoming DevOps Determined

IDC Technology Spotlight


IDC's recent survey across 420 large European organizations demonstrates that DevOps delivers both business and technology benefits. These benefits extend beyond faster deployments and higher quality software; European enterprises now cite increased business agility, enhanced customer experience, and more effective business innovation as a direct result of the pivot to DevOps. 

However, although all of the organizations in the survey were doing DevOps, they’re not all at the same stage. IDC were able to classify the organizations in the survey into two distinct groups: 

  • DevOps Determined’ – This group has more than 30% of their applications developed and deployed with DevOps, and around 40% of organizations surveyed fall into this category. 
  • DevOps Distracted’ – This group is struggling to scale DevOps. They have less than 30% of their application estate developed and deployed with DevOps. 

The ‘DevOps Distracted’ groups are not content with being distracted - they’re trying to get to ‘DevOps Determined’. But it takes more than determination. IDC looked into what sets these two groups apart, and came up with a blueprint that can help organizations get to ‘DevOps Determined’, and also help DevOps Determined organization to do even better. 

To ensure that the transformation is a success, Micro Focus Enterprise DevOps supports IDCs blueprint through the following principles: 

  • Build on what works through tool chain automation and integration 
  • Reduce operational friction by optimizing value streams 
  • Boost business confidence with quality and security by design 
  • Deliver better business outcomes by enabling continuous feedback and actionable insight. 

Download this IDC Technology Spotlight to understand how your organization can become ‘DevOps Determined’, and how the Micro Focus portfolio helps your digital transformation to succeed. 

The Journey to Enterprise‐Scale DevOps: Becoming DevOps Determined
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