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Deliver simplified, secure access to the right users, regardless of the device type or location, and minimize risk to the organization.

Access Management

Multi-factor authentication

Organizations commonly have a multitude of siloed authentication implementations, creating disjointed authentication policies while raising administration costs. Learn the advantages of a single, standards-based framework as you secure all of your user’s entry points.

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Secure access through zero trust

As organizations see their hybrid-cloud environment expand beyond their control, the need for a zero trust security model grows more urgent. In addition, keeping the environment user-friendly while raising security levels can seem impossible. To make it happen, you need the most advanced identity and access management solutions.

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Upgrade from static to adaptive

Increasingly, identity imposters are using more sophisticated tactics to defeat your digital defenses. The NetIQ Risk Service consumes contextual and behavior risk metrics to adapt your user's authentication experience while tuning their session's authorization levels as needed, giving them the best experience while protecting your sensitive resources.

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NetIQ Secure API Manager

Secure and manage APIs of any kind—cloud, SaaS, web services, micro services, or IoT.


NetIQ Risk Service

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NetIQ Self Service Password Reset

Administer and enforce strong credential policies, and provide self-administration for end users.

Add intelligence to your adaptive access management

Enable your organization to evolve from static authentication and access to adaptive using behavioral metrics that measure risk. NetIQ Risk Service identifies risky behavior not prevented by prescriptive, rules-based approaches. The NetIQ portfolio uses this type of threat intelligence to keep access as simple as possible when risk is low, but raises it appropriately when risk increases.

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