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NetIQ Advanced Authentication

Intelligent, flexible, multi-factor authentication framework for your ever-changing needs.

Adapt the authentication to the risk

Using the NetIQ Risk Service engine, you have the option to consume both static and behavior risk metrics to adapt your users’ authentication experience and access security level. This enables you to keep access as simple as possible for your users while protecting your private information.

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Advanced Authentication extends Azure MFA

Beyond Azure AD’s base set of multi-factor authentication options, the NetIQ Advanced Authentication framework gives you the freedom to adopt a wide variety of additional authentication types. It also enables you to secure access across your entire mix of on premises and cloud services, whether or not they reside in your Azure environment.

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Ensure consistent authentication across your environment

A key component of securing your environment is ensuring authentication across all of your users’ entry points. It’s common for organizations to have multiple authentication infrastructures and policies. NetIQ Advanced Authentication offers a single framework for all of your authentication needs, providing consistent security, simplified administration, and reliable policy enforcement.

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Use the right infrastructure model

Designed to be your central authentication platform, Advanced Authentication fulfills your needs for either the most complex, or simplest environments. Beyond its extensive library of supported methods, you can implement Advanced Authentication in your private cloud as a Docker container or you can consume it as a SaaS offering directly from CyberRes.

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