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With dual responsibilities in marketing and IT management, Kevin Salisbury is always looking for ways to save time and money. When TWIN MRO started replacing its PCs with less expensive mobile devices, he turned to us for a complete mobility solution that could integrate with his existing IT environment—and keep it secure.

"We’re in a niche industry that services very expensive turbine engine components. Regulation requires us to protect all intellectual property—military, commercial and our own data—from unauthorized export. Having a secure mobile solution is imperative."

Manager, Global Marketing and IS&T

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United States


  • Implemented complete mobility solution in less than one week
  • Lowered IT costs by integrating with existing file system and printer fleet
  • Increased employee productivity with mobile file access and printing


When you oversee both IS&T and marketing, you consider ROI with every purchase. That’s why Salisbury has been using our products for more than 20 years at TWIN MRO. You’ll find GroupWise, Open Enterprise Server, ZENworks and Service Desk in his IT environment.

A small company with less than 100 employees, TWIN MRO services turbine engine components for airlines, air forces, and brokers in more than 25 countries. As a result, employee productivity and data security are top priorities for Salisbury. “We’re in a niche industry that services very expensive turbine engine components. Regulation requires us to protect all intellectual property—military, commercial and our own data—from unauthorized export. Having a secure mobile solution is imperative,” he explains.


Like most enterprises, IS&T at TWIN MRO has to meet overall business operations and performance goals with economical, effective and complementary technology. So Salisbury started replacing their PCs with Android tablets.

“To do this effectively, we required a mobile device management solution that would manage our new mobile devices while seamlessly integrating them with our existing infrastructure,” he says.

Salisbury looked at BlackBerry, Good for Enterprise and Airwatch for an MDM solution. He would also need solutions for mobile file access and printing, so he considered Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing, and customized OEM solutions from HP and Xerox for mobile printing.


Salisbury chose us because it provided a complete mobility solution to TWIN MRO:

  • Mobile Management for comprehensive mobile device management
  • Filr for mobile file access and sharing
  • Micro Focus iPrint for mobile printing

In addition to offering the most complete solution, we offered the most secure and cost-effective mobility solution.

“The cloud-based file services didn’t offer the security of in-house deployment, and other vendors didn’t support Android devices except with custom deployments,” he says. “Their solutions would have cost about three times more than Novell’s (now a part of Micro Focus) deployment costs.”


The total implementation time for our mobility solution was less than one week, including installation and configuration of Mobile Management, Filr and Micro Focus iPrint.

“All three products are well-designed and intuitive for both the administrator and the end user,” Salisbury says. “Implementation was much easier than I thought. Our initial project estimates were triple the number of hours it actually took.”

The company’s mobile users stay productive with Filr and Micro Focus iPrint, while IS&T remains in control of data security. “Filr just works— point the users at their folders and they’re instantly productive—no training, or copying files to a new repository, required. And Micro Focus iPrint is incredibly easy to use. We were shocked at how seamlessly it works with our existing printers.”

ZENworks Mobile Management helps locate lost devices and provides valuable mobile device usage data to TWIN MRO managers. “We can now effectively and securely manage and control our mobile devices just as we can our desktops and laptops,” he says.

Other vendors’ products simply didn’t have the security, affordability and easy integration that we offered. “Although competitive products had similar functionality, it was easiest to integrate our mobility solution into our existing environment, which also made Novell the most cost-effective to implement, with the best total ROI.”

A satisfied customer for many years, Salisbury is pleased with recent changes. “The ‘new’ Novell is responding to our needs better than at any time in the past.

We’re excited with Novell’s mobile strategy across their entire product portfolio,” he says. “We require mobile devices to have the same level of security and control as our classic desktops. At the same time, our users must increase productivity with the change to mobile devices. By using Novell’s products, this is possible.”