Realize the benefits of reduced time to market and a more reactive requirements process

Today’s hot topic: Shift-Left and DevOps. Are you thinking about implementing one?

Paper Length: 6 pages

Even though manual testing and reporting processes get things done, Shift-Left and DevOps reduce the amount of time needed to gather, define, and agree on project requirements, increasing efficiency.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of Shift-Left and DevOps
  • How to overcome the challenges of adopting these approaches
  • How these approaches benefit your organization when properly implemented

Don’t risk delays and inaccuracies—use a Shift-Left or a DevOps approach to collaborate across all teams.

The solution is to Shift-Left, enabling all stakeholders to collaborate from the establishment of a project’s concept through requirement definitions, planning development and testing activities, and tracking these activities through to deployment. To fulfill this effectively, the process needs to incorporate multiple information streams, including emails, documents, specific and managed requirements, and stories combined with discussion threads and notifications. All of which should be version-controlled so that the team is always working on current information and has visibility into each team member’s comments.

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