Know exactly when and where to test

How can you create more effective testing regimes that deliver more robust products?

Paper Length: 10 pages

The success of Agile development depends on teams meshing together to create a more efficient testing process. Silk Central supports these Agile teams by implementing clearly defined methods and predefined roles to unify team testing.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of Agile software development and Agile requirements
  • How Silk Central features reduce your testing time by 1/3
  • How to simplify the planning and scheduling processes by showing specific version and iteration user stories
  • Why a strong focus on automated testing yields a big boost in application quality

Learn how you can improve your organization’s Agile and testing approaches to deliver a more robust product.

The Silk Central™ development team uses a commercial agile project management tool for managing the work for each release and iteration. This tool is tightly integrated with Silk Central via the open plug-in API for synchronizing all the product backlog information.

The prioritized product backlog lists goal stories, requirements and user stories in descending order of priority, clearly indicating the importance of specific functionality to be implemented in a specific version/release.

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