Make the most of .NET memory

Is your team handling .NET memory issues effectively?

Paper Length: 8 pages

.NET Framework and Common Language Runtime (CLR) have changed how developers build Windows apps, making them much faster. But they have also caused some very specific, hard-to-solve errors.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why most developers aren’t familiar with solving .NET memory issues
  • Which problems your organization is likely affected by right now
  • How you can comprehensively analyze .NET memory quickly and easily

Discover how .NET memory management can improve performance, increase scalability, and decrease memory errors in your .NET apps.

An object leak occurs when a reference is made accidentally, or not removed appropriately, resulting in the object getting written to when the application is done with it. This also leads to the issue of inappropriately long-lived objects. Because garbage collection is automatic, it’s easy to forget memory is still managed according to predefined rules. If an object is kept around long enough to be promoted to generation 2 of collection, it might never be collected until the application exits.

Why is this bad? The number of objects stored in the heap will likely keep growing while the application is running. This causes two problems. First, more heap memory extends the amount of time required to garbage collect, slowing down the application. Second, memory is not an infinite resource. If the application runs long enough, it will generate an out-of-memory error.

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