Redmond Intelligence: Best Practices for Running Office 365 in a Hybrid World

Microsoft Office 365 has, in the last few years, become the most ubiquitous productivity suite available in the modern workplace. The variety of features, tools, services and subscription plans available makes it a great fit for usage scenarios ranging from casual home users all the way up to the largest enterprises. Enterprise usage is, of course, one of the prime attractions of this platform.

While many small and medium-sized businesses can run Office 365 as a standalone silo, most enterprises present a more complicated environment. Most organizations, especially older ones, usually have a local IT infrastructure in place to manage their systems and provide line-of-business applications to their users. Organizations need to use Office 365 effectively along with existing investments they may have made by integrating systems with each other. This is where running Office 365 in a hybrid world comes in.

This report discusses some of the best practices and concepts to keep in mind when planning or implementing Office 365 when the organization has an existing IT infrastructure.

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