5 ways to get the most out of your SCM

How to use your biggest investment

Paper Length: 6 pages

More than ⅔ of all projects fail. Not only is that number daunting, but it’s also a clue that software configuration management systems are not being used properly.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Which branching patterns you should and shouldn’t use
  • How often you should integrate change packages with issue tracking
  • How to create the best structure for distributed development

The 5 strategies in this white paper will help you increase your ROI as you use your Software configuration management (SCM) effectively.

SCM best practices are an important piece of any software development process. Modern development teams deliver code frequently, and have a need to manage a software development process right in the SCM repository. Using SCM best practices based on the team’s development needs is a necessity when enabling teams to deliver rapidly with high quality. These best practices can be used to scale an enterprise SCM rollout, and keep development teams focusing on what’s important, not the SCM system.

SCM comprises of factors such as compliance, workflow, security, process management, code review, build management and teamwork. SCM practices define for development teams how software will be developed and eventually released. Teams can maximize their effectiveness by applying best practices that enable rapid delivery. Choosing the right processes and practices are essential for success.

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